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The biggest fear people have, and the one most important to overcome, is the fear of facing up to reality. People would rather live an illusion than wake up to reality.

Why? Because if reality turns out to be something d

ifferent than what we’re used to, it means having to change our course in life. And that hurts!

We all choose to escape, now and then, from the effort that’s involved in accomplishing life’s goals and ambitions. We all want to be great; we all want to change the world. It’s just that we don’t always feel like putting forth the effort. So we distract ourselves and escape from who we really are and what we want to achieve.

The 48 Ways says: It hurts a lot more when reality confronts us, especially when it may be too late to do anything about it.

Always ask yourself: “What pain am I avoiding?” Identify exactly what you’re afraid of. Reason it out: What’s the worst that could happen?

As an exercise, make a list of the goals you’d love to achieve if no pain was involved. Then next to each goal, write down the amount of pain you anticipate in trying to reach those goals.

Then, write down what makes the goal so worthwhile. Now compare the two columns. If a particular goal is truly worthwhile, then you’ll see instantly how your fear of pain is holding you back from achieving that goal. And it will clarify how you’d even be willing to pay the price of pain to achieve it!

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