Sabtu, 17 November 2012


Evaluate your marriage. What is the current status of your marriage?


▹ Those moments when you unknowingly give your heart to the one you love.

▹ The feeling of butterflies in the very pit of your stomach when they ease into your mind.

▹ The smile which graces upon the world, reaching your eyes when they are near.

▹ The special glow you cast for all to see, which brightens with their gentle touch.

▹ The warmth & protection you snuggle closer to in their arms.

▹ The places you lay memories; as you share every moment together.

▹ The all out joy you give one another to make sure you are pleased evenly.

▹ The nights you laugh at random things, just to see a smile.

▹ The days you could watch TV, not speaking a word; yet the comfort of the other is near.

▹ The three words you utter occasionally, making time stand still.

▹ The never feeling alone because one heart beats for the other.

▹ The time when tears only fall when forever is placed on a finger.

▹ The dreams you share; to bid a future that harness true love.


▹ The anxiety that something is wrong; when words are no longer enough.

▹ The harsh words that leave the mouth, scarring the butterflies away.

▹ The end of smiles as frowns & lines of worry are born.

▹ The glow that dies into depression as skin turns pale; eyes lose there shine.

▹ The cold of their back as they sleep facing away and far from you.

▹ The separation they want; time alone to search new memories.

▹ The gifts which ends, because the care is no longer there.

▹ The nights you spend in completely different rooms contemplating reasons.

▹ The days watching TV on the floor as the other is on the bed browsing the computer.

▹ The holidays spent away, at families; wondering what the other is doing.

▹ Those lovely three words die; reborn into three different words.

▹ The heart beat which once was strong, beating painfully slow each night.

▹ The time tears fall for no reason through the days unknowingly.

▹ The nightmares that plague you, until you become ill.


At which level is your marriage sitting at? Let us all try to rekindle the love back into our marriages! Oh Allah make our spouses and our children the coolness of our eyes, Ameen.

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